United States District Court for the District of Maryland
United States of America v Baltimore County, Maryland
Civil Action No. 1:19-CV-02465-CCB

Important Dates

Event Date
Settlement Agreement Entered as Order May 24, 2021
Deadline to Submit Interest-in-Relief Form August 9, 2021
Notice of Proposed Individual Relief Awards Sent to Individuals Who Applied for Relief Awards March 18, 2022
Deadline to Submit Objections to Proposed Individual Relief Awards April 28, 2022
Fairness Hearing Held and Proposed Individual Relief Awards Approved as Final June 17, 2022
Acceptance of Relief Documents Were Sent to Individuals Eligible to Receive an Award on the Final Individual Relief Awards list July 7, 2022
Deadline to Submit Acceptance of Relief Documents August 5, 2022
Deadline to Submit Corrections to Acceptance of Relief Documents September 2, 2022
Checks Were Sent Via First-Class U.S. Mail (with delivery tracking service) to Individuals Eligible for Back Pay Relief**
**Checks for a small group of individuals eligible for Back Pay Relief are still being processed and will be sent as soon as possible.
October 28, 2022


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